Saloni Tolia — Thank You, Love

The world seems like it’s peeling its skin off, burning it, to keep us all alive in this cold darkness. It’s trying really hard to survive. All our energy of suffering, tears, hatred, has caught up with it.

Fighting an invisible enemy.

We are all in a place where we are so helpless that it’s broken us down. The strongest of all are on their knees. No one could imagine that we would have to face something so brutal, an enemy we cannot see. It’s so disheartening to our loved ones, strangers even having to suffer.

Struggling mentally and physically equally.

We have to come together, forgetting all our differences to put up fire around us and everyone else so that we don’t freeze to death. I have struggled to get the best for the people who are in need, deserving or not. It’s almost like empaths are suffering as much and others are as much turning into empaths in these harsh times.

We surely have come a long way in this battle. It’s a mental fight as much as a physical one. I know it’s easy to ask to stay strong but we are left with no choice but to pull through. It’s our only resort and we need to have a fight or flight attitude before it shatters us into a million pieces.

Proud and vaunt.

I couldn’t be prouder. I see people who wouldn’t usually exchange a smile, now take efforts to ask about your health. People who were so introverted that they would keep to themselves no matter what, are stepping forward to help people who loved socializing and can’t because of the pandemic.

I am gratified seeing the youth take charge and volunteer (risking their lives equally) to help people on a daily basis while understanding the gravity of the situation. People who can’t do much with their physical presence are helping with the online resources. They are doing their bit.

I can’t thank the frontline workers enough. Sure, they took an oath but the mental and physical breakdown they are going through is unimaginable. It’s too tough to keep sanity for even the most mediocre of tasks today but these superhumans are saving lives risking their’s every second.

Burn brighter, rise higher — like a million stars making this beautiful galaxy.

We are stronger today than we have ever been and we will only grow in love, hope, and positivity because we know its value. Be proud. You deserve to be. You are warm and don’t let others lose their spark. Scatter your light everywhere. The world needs it. Thank you, love.

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