Today investors are constantly looking for diverse options to invest their money in. Market conditions over the past decade have emerged along with the investment products offered. It resulted in the investors gradually boosting their risk appetite for better gains.

Post the 2008 subprime crisis, companies seeking investments and borrowings for various purposes moved to non-bank lending. At the same time, investor demand also added market growth to alternative investment funds.

What are Alternative Investment Funds?

Alternative investment funds (AIF) are financial assets that do not fall under the traditional investment classes. These funds are often deemed complex and risky…

Saloni Tolia — 4 Habits That Will Transform Your Life

Do you sometimes sit and wonder that no matter how hard you try, your habits are always in the way of your success? You won’t stop following these practices, but you also dislike how they have become a part of your routine. It’s a constant struggle.

It can be a little difficult to let go of your old ways. But, you can always start with changing them step by step. You don’t have to be hard on yourself because then you might end up giving up all the progress you have made for nothing. After all, it got mentally draining.

Saloni Tolia — What Do Women Want?

Women are the most popular species on Earth, for mostly all the wrong reasons. They are known for confusing everything and everyone who crosses their path. Be it by sending out mixed signals or just asking for what they want — really.

I am so sure every other guy has this question on his mind all the time. What do these women want? I am no expert honestly, but I am going to try to solve this mystery for you. Also, I am going to try my best not to confuse men even more.

So here it goes —


Saloni Tolia — Thank You, Love

The world seems like it’s peeling its skin off, burning it, to keep us all alive in this cold darkness. It’s trying really hard to survive. All our energy of suffering, tears, hatred, has caught up with it.

Fighting an invisible enemy.

We are all in a place where we are so helpless that it’s broken us down. The strongest of all are on their knees. No one could imagine that we would have to face something so brutal, an enemy we cannot see. It’s so disheartening to our loved ones, strangers even having to suffer.

Struggling mentally and physically…

Saloni Tolia — It’s Not You, It’s Them!

How are we so inefficient? Why did the production of injection vials stop? Did we have proof of covid leaving? There are thousands currently looking for Remdesivir and Tocilizumab 400 mg while their relatives, parents, friends dying each minute.

4.75 Cr worth of fraud with citizens!

Also, hearing news like 4.75 Cr worth of hoarding of these injections by private organizations in Mumbai is making us all feel like this is all political and no one cares about the people.

We voted for you to take care of us while we work our a** off to keep the economy stable…

Saloni Tolia — You Are Selfish

I have heard my friends, family, even neighbors raise an eyebrow when I say “I am enjoying my life, happy, single, and though I don’t make much, I am satisfied.” The next question is “aren’t you going to get married and get out of your parent’s hair? That’s selfish on your part if you don’t.”

Choosing your happiness isn’t selfish.

Why doesn’t anyone tell you “It’s okay, do things for yourself. Live your dreams, give more, smile more, be happy, do what makes you happy without being guilty” unless they are dying? Why isn’t this preached in school, growing up…

Saloni Tolia — Society Is You And Me

Every day you come across some news telling you how the human lost hope and gave up. The first thing that comes to our minds is “The Society, did it again!”. What or who is this society exactly? When you hear people say “society won’t accept this”, who are they pointing to exactly?

Society is us.

We make this society. It’s built by every single one of us. We fuel it, feed it and when you see it taking a dump on everything you know and love, remember everything you fed it. There is not just one society today. There…

Saloni Tolia

Poetry and words have saved more lives than we care to accept. A Financial Analyst, an Entrepreneur, and a Writer is finding clarity in her chaos and cold mess.

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